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How can hot tubs alleviate muscle pain?

Whether you’ve started a fresh exercise regime for the new year or you’re trying a different activity that works a whole new range of muscles, aches and pains as a result of exercise can be troublesome. However, if you have a hot tub then you don’t need to keep suffering, as the warm water and jets of the hot tub can have a thoroughly therapeutic effect on your recovery. This is how it works.

Massaging tight or overworked muscles

The jets in the hot tub work to help loosen muscles that have become tight, either as a result of overwork or just being cold. This can be beneficial, both before and after exercise. Hot tub jets have a massage effect, which can help muscles to relax and improve recovery time after a workout session. You’ll not only feel better as a result of time in a hot tub post-workout but you’ll also be ready for your next session more quickly too.

Dispersing lactic acid

It’s lactic acid that, more often than not, is responsible for the soreness that we experience after a workout. If the muscles don’t get enough oxygen when they’re being worked then lactic acid is created. This acid can be burned as energy but when it’s not the result is muscle pain and soreness. There are lots of different ways to tackle lactic acid if sore muscles are something that you regularly suffer from. One of the most effective ways is in the warm water of a hot tub. Research has found that a hot tub session after intense exercise can help to reduce lactic acid build up, which means that you’re going to get much less soreness.

Preparing your body to workout

The warm water of a hot tub helps to increase blood flow around the body and physically warms up muscles. Especially in the colder months of the year it’s easy to get injured simply as a result of starting a workout when the body is cold. Hot tubs can be used before exercise to help prepare the body to work out. The warm water not only improves the oxygen supply around the body by stimulating blood flow but also helps to ensure that muscles are warm enough to avoid injury as a result of activity.

Soothing away a hard day

Although hydrotherapy, such as hot tubs, is often recommended for those who are working out or exercising at professional athlete level, they also have a great deal of positive use for everyone else too. The impact of sitting at a desk all day has been found to be as tough for the body as professional sports – and can result in just as much debilitating stiffness and pain. Hot tubs not only enable stiff muscles to be eased out after a day at a desk but can also help to shake off the anxiety of the day by soothing the nervous system.

There are many wellness benefits to owning a hot tub, especially when it comes to alleviating muscle pain. If you’d like to find your dream hot tub today contact a member of our team.

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