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How can your Softub become part of your holiday home?

Whether your holiday home is in the majestic beauty of the Swiss Alps or the tropical landscapes of the Seychelles, your Softub has a lot to add to how you experience a vacation property. It’s often only after enjoying the benefits of a Softub elsewhere that holiday homeowners realise just how appealing a Softub as part of a holiday property really is. If you’re keen to enhance your holiday experience then it’s worth looking into how your Softub can become part of your holiday home.

A versatile hot tub choice

If you’re looking for a versatile hot tub that is much more portable than a traditional design then the Softub is perfect. It has been crafted with portability in mind and can be placed on virtually any surface – unlike a traditional hot tub that may require certain support or foundations to be laid. So, that means that whatever the holiday property you have, a Softub can be easily added, whether that’s on decking overlooking a fabulous view or on grass underneath the shade of some trees.

A great way to relax

If there’s one thing most of us want from our holidays it’s to truly relax and wind down. It can be difficult to find a space in which to do this, especially if you are on holiday with children, friends or family. Adding a Softub to your holiday home makes this easy, creating a space in which the warmth of the water, combined with the innovative massage jets will instantly soothe and relax. The structure of the Softub itself is also designed to create an ultra relaxing environment – the more flexible sides have a “give” to them that is a direct contrast to the inflexible surfaces of a traditional hot tub.

Ease of installation

When it comes to holidays and holiday properties, the easier everything is, the better. Ease of installation is one of the major features of a Softub and one that makes it incredibly appealing as an addition to a holiday property. As the world’s most portable spa, the Softub requires minimal disruption and hassle to install and, as you can install it anywhere, there is no need to make structural changes and only one person is required for the installation. Softubs are a hassle free and easy way to introduce an extra element of relaxation for the perfect holiday.

Attractive aesthetics

The leather look outer shell of the Softub provides a luxurious feel, ideal for making you feel like you’re being pampered on holiday. Plus, there are a range of colour choices, as well as extras and additions that enable you to design a Softub that fits with the aesthetics of your holiday property.

Essential energy efficiency

Softubs are renowned for their energy efficiency and for the use of heat recovery technology. Plus, the design is very simple with pump, motor and heater in a single unit. This makes Softubs one of the most energy efficient options, especially attractive for those looking for a hot tub for a holiday property.

To find out more about Softubs for your holiday home, get in touch with the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today on 0208 309 0600.

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