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How to Deal With Snow on Your Hot Tub Cover

A common question as the weather begins to turn is what to do if you get snow on your hot tub cover. The biggest fear people have is how much weight can the hot tub cover take. There are different ways to approach this question and they are determined mainly by the type of cover you have for your spa. Of course, a mesh cover will perform differently both a solid cover and a safety cover. There is a general rule of thumb for snow on the cover which is if there is only a foot or two of snow, the cover should have no problem holding that amount. However, If you get to the two to three feet of snow, you should stay clam but begin to take notice. If you get over three feet, you should definitely take some action.

As we said above, there are different things to consider depending on the type of cover you have to protect you pool or spa. If you have solid type covers the best thing to do is simply let nature takes its course and let the snow melt over time. You can invest in a cover pump that will remove the melted water, but there is not much else to do overall. The cover should hold the snow reasonably well.

A safety cover may look as though it will break from the weight of the snow but there really is not much you can do other than wait for the snow to melt and then pump the water off just as you would with a solid cover. The main reason to avoid trying to shovel the snow off the cover is that you can cause much more damage to the cover.

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