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How to Decide Between an Above Ground and In Ground Swim Spa

No matter the size, features, or location of your swim spa, you're sure to get many hours of enjoyment out of it. If you're in the process of deciding which swim spa is right for you, there are a few main things to think about first. Included in this is the decision between an above ground and in ground swim spa. If there are no specific issues preventing one choice or the other, here are some tips to help you make this decision a little bit easier.

Benefits of Above Ground Swim Spas

Once you let the family know about the exciting home addition you have in store, they'll surely be excited to have it arrive so that they can start using it. If you decide on an above ground spa, this will be a much quicker process. There is a bit more time and work that goes into installing an in ground spa.

You may find that you'll have more options for placement with an above ground spa. There is some digging involved with in ground spas, so this may limit your choices regarding where you'd like the spa installed.

When it comes to cost, you'll likely find that many above ground styles are less expensive than in ground.

You'll be able to choose and customize your model when you purchase it, and won't have to worry about losing it if you move. If you decide to move, you can simply bring an above ground spa with you to your new location.

You also have many different options for completing a wonderful surround or patio area for an above ground spa and you can choose to have various types of coverings installed to add to the decor, including retractable closures.

Benefits of In Ground Swim Spas

Some people find that they simply like the look of the in ground spas better, and this may very well be the case for you. If you are having your spa installed outdoors, there are many ways to use it to enhance your outdoor living space. It will also add value to your home, should you ever decide to sell.

If you are having a new home built and have decided that you want your swim spa to be an indoor feature, you will find that having the spa installed during that building process is the wisest choice. Indoor swim spas are also easier to maintain, and it will be easier for you to plan the surroundings since you don't have to deal with unexpected weather conditions.

In ground swim spas don't require a built-up deck area in order to enjoy the exterior of the swim area or to be able to watch those who are enjoying it.

Often, in ground swim spas are slightly more expensive than above ground, but many people find that the experience and look of the spa is worth the extra cost.

Whether you choose above ground or in ground, indoors or outdoors, you're sure to enjoy great fun, exercise, and relaxation in your beautiful new swim spa.

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