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Swim Spa Party

How to Plan the Perfect Swim Spa Party

School is out and a lot of the kids want to have a personal celebration with their close friends in addition to their graduation and prom. For those that have a swim spa, there is no better way to do this than to have a swim spa party.

Like any party, it's going to take some planning. Planning for the party is going to depend on the age group that will be attending. If you happen to have a mixed age group that will be attending with your kids, you may want to have two separate parties. For pre-teenagers, they are definitely going to spend more time playing around in the swim spa for longer periods than the older ones. Older teens are quite content to make use of the swim spa but also sit around it and listen to music, while talking about what's important to them.

If it's going to be a joint party with different age groups, you may want to plan the mid afternoon for the younger ones and let the older ones enjoy a party in the evening.

Be sure to set the ground rules for both age groups, such as no jumping allowed. To keep the swim spa clean, ensure that all food and drinks are kept well away from the area.

The day before, try to have maintenance performed on your swim spa, so there are no delays in preparing the water while the guests wait.

You may also want to consider planning some water activities for the younger ones, so they don’t get bored.

There are several attachments that can be used with a swim spa, so it can be used in different ways. Be creative and use the swim spa in different ways to keep everyone entertained.

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