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How to Prevent Stains in Your Swim Spa

Stains can form when your swim spa is not in use, which can make your spa lose its luster to a certain degree. There are ways to combat this, however, and keep your swim spa looking as good as the day it was purchased and installed. According to the experts, the absolute best way to keep stains or any other degradation from happening is to invest in a really good cover for your spa for those dormant or winter months. There are different types of covers to consider. The mesh safety covers or solid safety covers with drain panels serve a certain purpose, yet they still allow a certain amount of contaminants, such as oils and dirt to accumulate in the spa all winter long. A solid safety cover is considered the absolute best way to prevent those contaminants from entering the spa and causing the stains that can form when they are allowed to enter.

Another very important factor to consider and action to perform is to fully ensure that the water remaining in the spa is properly balanced. As the colder weather comes, the water will change and it can have a very negative impact on your spa. The colder water will allow the formation of crystals from the salt if the ph, alkalinity and calcium are not properly adjusted to counteract this simple chemistry reaction.

The third thing to consider is the final cleaning of the spa for the winter close up. Be sure to take the time to thoroughly clean the spa, so that it is virtually spotless. By doing this, you will be sure that there is nothing that can give rise to the problems outlined above.

The maintenance does not end there either. Be sure to keep the cover free of any debris that may blow in over the course of the fall and winter months. Always keep the water level below the rim of the cover as well to prevent the water from touching the cover as it can trap debris like leaves. Also, be sure to clean any snow off the top and use a leaf catcher to reduce the amount of leaves and debris from sitting on the top.

These are just a few of the tips needed to maintain your spa during winter. You will also need to consider using scale inhibitors, stain inhibitors and possibly enzymes as well, depending on your particular climate and type of filtering system. Be sure to do your homework and follow the advice of your manufacturer to ensure that your spa looks great for years to come.

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