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How to prepare for the arrival of your hot tub

You’ve made the decision to have a hot tub at home and now you can look forward to relaxation and fun in your own back yard. But, before the hot tub actually arrives there are a few key considerations that you need to bear in mind to prepare for it

What are the electrical needs of the hot tub?

Most models tend to run off 220 volts - some may be able to run from a regular 110 outlet but this can compromise the hot tub performance. The electrical wiring components of hot tub installation need to be handled by a professional so when you’re preparing for the arrival of your hot tub make sure you have this booked in.

How will you get the hot tub into your home or garden?

Like any large piece of equipment there are access considerations in the arrival of your hot tub. You’ll need to ensure that there is a clear delivery path from the closest road to your home – and that gates, doors and walls offer enough space for the hot tub to fit through in order to be correctly positioned. Some installers offer a crane service if the simplest option is to lift the hot tub up and over and into its correct spot.

Where exactly are you going to put the hot tub?

This is not the kind of decision to be made at the last minute. Decide where to position the hot tub well in advance so you can work through any potential problems in terms of getting the tub to that spot when it arrives. You might decide to have the hot tub right outside your home or – if you have land – a remote part of the property might appeal more for the peace and seclusion.

What are the space considerations?

When you’ve identified the potential position for the hot tub then mark it out to its exact dimensions. Is it still possible to walk around the hot tub and do you have enough space to install access steps? It’s important to have space around the hot tub so that its components can be accessed for maintenance.

Installing a hot tub on soil or lawn

Generally, this is a very bad idea. Soil or a grass lawn don’t provide the right support for your hot tub, which is heavy, weighing in at 2,000 to 8,000 pounds when filled. A hot tub could simply sink into lawn or soil and will also suffer from the potential exposure to wet grass, soil and insects.

What’s the right surface for a hot tub?

You can install a hot tub on an existing deck, for example, as long as the deck is structurally sound enough to support it. Many people construct a new deck for the purposes of a soon-to-arrive hot tub. Wherever you place the tub, the ground underneath will need to be leveled with a concrete or a gravel base to provide support.

If you’d like advice on a new hot tub for your home our experienced team can help you to choose the perfect model – and prepare for its arrival.

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