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How to take your HIIT workout into the pool

HIIT workouts, or High Intensity Interval Training, is known for being a fast way to burn calories and increase heart rate. It has grown in popularity over the recent years due to the short and intense workout time being easy for more people to fit into their busy day-to-day schedule. HIIT is a great way of training that has some strong benefits to the body.

The benefits of HIIT

HIIT is an advanced training technique that focuses on a cardiovascular workout in high intensity bursts, with short rest periods. This has been shown to burn more calories than steady exercise in the same amount of time, whilst also increasing metabolism, which is why many gym classes, fitness groups and boot camps use HIIT training as part of their workout routine.

HIIT can cause stress on the body

The downside to HIIT is that the high intensity can cause greater stress on the body, which means that it is not always suitable for everyone to do. If you’re injured, HIIT can be very difficult, and risk causing further injuries, or the workout itself can cause strain on your muscles and joints, even if you’re healthy and strong.

Less stress with all the benefits… in the pool!

One fantastic way to incorporate HIIT into your fitness routine, without the additional stress and strain on your body, is to take your workout to the pool! This works by giving support to your body through the buoyancy of the water, whilst the added resistance of the water can even make the workout a higher calorie burn.

Preparing for your HIIT workout

If you’ve never done it before, a HIIT workout in the pool is easy! You should stand in the pool with your feet flat, and have the water at a comfortable chest level. Warm up your body by jogging in the pool, and speeding up gradually. You may wish to run widths, or on the spot.

Some easy HIIT pool moves to try

In the pool, the simple moves are often the most effective. Start with doing tuck jumps forwards and backwards in the water, using your arms for stability if needed. The resistance of the water may take some getting used to in the pool, but should also support your knees upon landing. Exercise for 45 seconds, and rest of 15 each time.

Next, side to side jumping can get your heart rate up – and you can make this as hard as you like by trying to jump further and higher each time. Jump in and out, with your legs apart and then together. Trying to do this move quickly will get your heart pumping and the water resistance is great for muscle development. You can then build this into a star jump once you are confident with your balance.

HIIT workouts in the pool help your body

HIIT workouts in the pool offer the same cardiovascular benefits as on dry ground, but reduce the risk of injury, either through the strain on your joints, or reducing the impact if you were to fall. This makes it easier for older participants, as well as those concerned about protecting their joints, or recovering from injury. And you can enjoy the same workout benefits, without noticing all the sweating that you’re doing!

Why not give it a try in your pool today, or if you’re looking for a pool of your own, get in touch today on 0208 300 4003 or take a look at our indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

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