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How to use your hot tub in the most efficient way

In recent years, as the popularity of residential hot tubs has continued to rise and the technology has developed, hot tubs are becoming more and more energy efficient, to the point where many can operate for as little as pennies per day. However, it is still worth considering simple opportunities that can improve efficiency even further and ensure you are receiving the best value out of your investment.

Investing in a hot tub cover

When it comes to hot tubs, the majority of heat loss occurs through evaporation, which takes place through the open top of the spa, where the water meets the air. Investing in a quality hot tub cover serves to prevent this by protecting the hot tub from the outside, cooler air, significantly reducing the rate at which heat can be lost and consequently decreasing the amount of energy needed to maintain a consistent water temperature. This helps lead to an overall more efficient spa.

Hot tub enclosure

Another great way to improve the efficiency of your hot tub is to invest in a hot tub enclosure. Ranging from a stylish gazebo to a bespoke, hand crafted cedar pavilion, a hot tub enclosure does not only insulate the hot tub from the outside weather, but also creates an incredible spa environment which promotes a premium relaxation experience. This can be perfect for hosting social events and facilitating for friends and family, as well as creating a private space to spend some time unwinding after a long day.

Optimising your hot tub use

If you are going on holiday and your hot tub will be going without use for an extended period of time, there are a number of ways in which you can optimise the hot tub settings to increase its efficiency whilst keeping it up and running. One way of achieving this is to set all of the jets, lights and blowers not to run whilst not in use, as well as turning down the temperature in the thermostat settings to reduce the amount of energy being consumed at idle in your absence – our spas call this ‘economy mode’.

All of these steps help to reduce the energy usage and improve the efficiency whilst unused, whilst still keeping the hot tub operational. This is important as it allows the hot tub to regulate and clean itself and to stay ready for use as soon as you return.

The effects of improved efficiency

Ultimately, the effect of improving the efficiency of your hot tub is to preserve energy. By opting for a quality hot tub cover or enclosure and optimising your hot tub use, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain your desired hot tub temperature, which consequentially reduces the operating costs.

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