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Is a hot tub helpful after a workout?

Hot tubs are incredibly relaxing and a great way to wind down after a hard day at work. However that’s not their only use. Whether you’re a professional athlete or have your own personal workout goals that mean putting your body through its paces, a hot tub can be very useful before and after a workout too. It’s important to use the hot tub properly so that you get all the benefits for your body from the impact of hydrotherapy if you’re exercising.

Soothing tense muscles

If you’re planning to use your hot tub to help with muscle cramps and pain this can be a great solution. However, it’s often worth waiting a day or so if you’ve had a really intense workout and have a lot of muscle pain as a result. If you don’t wait the heat of the water could make any muscle inflammation worse. At the right time, the increased blood flow that results from the warmth of the hot tub water has a very positive impact on muscle inflammation. Not only will the hot tub soothe the pain of aching muscles but the effect will also be to support quicker recovery too.

Making a hot tub part of your cool down routine

When you finish a workout it’s always important to take the time to cool down and stretch out – even before you step into the hot tub. If your heart rate is still high and/or your breathing is laboured from a really hard workout then you need to set aside time to bring your body back to its normal functions first. If you don’t, the heat of the hot tub combined with the increased pressure on your body from the workout could cause issues such as dizziness. Once you’ve stretched out and cooled down, drunk some water and brought your body temperature back down the hot tub is the ideal place to relax and celebrate a workout well done.

Using a hot tub as part of your warm up

It’s not just after a workout that a hot tub can be useful – you can also integrate it into a warm up routine. The warmth of the water in the hot tub, combined with the effect of the massage jets, boost circulation and can help to release muscles and increase the flexibility within the body. This is exactly the kind of impact that can help to prepare your body for a workout so that you get more from it. So, if you want to make your workouts more effective and enjoyable, try combining some time in a hot tub with some basic exercises before you start working out.

Hot tubs are great if you use them properly

The optimum time for a hot tub soak is 20 minutes – this gives your body enough time to absorb the benefits of hydrotherapy. If you’re using the hot tub before or after exercise it’s always important to listen to your body – if you are too hot beforehand, don’t get in, and if you feel dizzy then get out of the water straight away.

A hot tub has a lot to contribute to any workout routine and can support both better warm up and faster recovery.

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