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Keeping The Kids Busy Using a Swim Spa

With the heat of summer, the time has come for many to decide whether or not to invest in a swimming pool or swim spa for the backyard. A swim spa is a smaller version of an in-ground pool that uses a propulsion system to create a current that you then swim against. These are commonly known as lap pools. The ability to turn off the propulsion system and use the pool as a regular lounging pool is what sets these apart.

For the smaller children, the swim spa becomes a great place to learn to swim with Mom and Dad and to have an incredible amount of fun performing pool games and activities. You can do pretty much everything in a swim spa that you would in a regular pool with a reduced installation cost and substantially lower maintenance costs.

As the children age and want to use the pool as a place to get exercise, the ability to turn on the propulsion system and then swim against it becomes and absolutely great way to get fit and stay there. There are virtually no games or activities that can be played or performed in a regular pool that cannot also be performed in a swim spa. However, the limits that most above ground pool have for swimming laps is quite obvious.

The amount of space required to swim is very limited in an above ground pool. They are usually round which makes swimming laps difficult at best and the square or rectangular ones are still very limited in space.

Kids will have an absolute blast frolicking in your swim spa and will benefit from the ability to cool down in the hot summer months and even during the cooler months as they are very simple and much cheaper than a full size pool to heat, which can dramatically lengthen the pool using season. This factor alone makes the decision to invest in swim spa a much simpler one than choosing a full size pool for use by the children.

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