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Pick the right gazebo to complement your hot tub by making these considerations

If you’re looking to buy a gazebo for your hot tub then it can be difficult to work out where to start with the decision making process. There are many different options, from the intricately designed through to those that have a range of different features. If you’re looking for a gazebo for your hot tub then these are the key decisions to consider:

How are you going to use the gazebo?

Yes, its main purpose will be to provide shade or cover for your hot tub but what else do you want the gazebo to do? You might be looking for a structure that will also provide some seating or somewhere to hang bags or towels. You could even been keen to find a gazebo with the facilities to keep drinks cool or host a party. It’s also worth considering who is going to be using the gazebo – if you have children then something more robust and practical might be the better choice than a more design-led structure.

What aesthetics do you prefer?

Gazebos could be any shape but octagonal, square, oval, rectangular, or dodecagon tend to be the most common. As all can be designed to accommodate a hot tub, the choice is yours in terms of the look of the structure you want for your outside space. The shape and design of the roof will be a key component in which gazebo is right for your hot tub. Some of the most popular styles of hot tub gazebo roof include a pagoda roof, tiered roof or a cupola. The flooring is another consideration – how do you want this to feel underfoot, what should it look like and what practical functions should it have?

How much maintenance do you want to do?

There are two main choices when it comes to the materials from which a hot tub gazebo can be constructed: vinyl or wood. For many people wood is the most popular choice because it looks great and has a more natural finish. However, vinyl options also have a lot to offer today and that’s particularly so when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the gazebo. Wood can require a lot of upkeep, painting and staining. It’s far easier to clean and maintain a vinyl gazebo than the wood option and that’s something to bear in mind if you’re looking for low maintenance.

Where are you going to position the gazebo?

This is another key factor that will influence the overall design and type of gazebo that is right for your hot tub. If you don’t have a lot of space then you’ll need to think about the most compact gazebo possible. You’ll also need to ensure that the water supply for the hot tub is accommodated by the gazebo. Surfacing is also key – are you going to position the gazebo on a deck or are you planning to install a concrete surface, for example?

A hot tub gazebo is a great way to get more from your home hot tub so that you can use it whenever you feel like it, all year round.

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