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Planning for the Delivery of Your New Hot Tub

You have decided to purchase a new hot tub for you and the family to enjoy! You have done all the research and made all the pertinent choices regarding the amount of seats you prefer and the jet layout that you like. You’ve also decided on the accessories that fit your lifestyle, such as audio and visual components. You are now ready to get your hot tub delivered. What exactly do you need to do to prepare for the delivery and installation of your spa?

You may have considered this before purchasing your hot tub. The decision on where to locate your new hot tub is a very important consideration in deciding what type and size of hot tub you will ultimately purchase.

Whether you choose to install your hot tub inside or outside, there are things to consider, such as ease of access to and from your hot tub. Do you want to place your spa in the back yard and navigate along a pathway that you can light up that looks exceptional, while maximizing your privacy or would you prefer to have it closer to the house in order to eliminate that walk? Either way, you will need to make sure that you can get all the electrical components and hook ups to the spot as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

You will also need to have a pad on which to place the new unit which will be fully able to support the weight of the spa when filled with water. If your installer does not include that as part of the package you have purchased, be sure to have a qualified contractor come in to do the job properly and to the specifications required by the hot tub manufacturer. This is important as the warranty for the spa may indicate that the installation process conforms to the manufacturers standards in order to be enforceable.

A good contractor can also help you if you decide to have a deck or some other structure like a gazebo built around your spa to enhance the visual appeal of the hot tub or to provide you a bit of privacy if you live close to other homes.

After you have your base in place and the electrical hook ups are all ready and waiting, the spa will be installed and you can sit back and enjoy a dip in your new hot tub.

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