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Practical considerations for perfect hot tub placement

A hot tub is a fairly flexible luxury – if you want to soak in your tub on a deck or a lawn, a balcony or indoors then there is usually an easy way to make that happen. Getting the placement of your hot tub right is going to be a combination of practicality, lifestyle and aesthetics and there are a number of different considerations to bear in mind.

The need for a firm foundation

Many people assume contemporary hot tubs are lightweight but when you combine the materials of the tub itself with the weight of the water the pounds soon add up. A 450-gallon home spa, for example, has a total weight of 5,920 lbs when filled up. So, a solid foundation of support – and a level base - is going to be a key consideration when looking at where to place your hot tub. If your hot tub is outside then concrete slabs, paving stones or gravel make for good foundation materials.

How will you get the hot tub into place?

Even a regular sized hot tub can be a challenge to deliver if you haven’t worked out whether it will fit through doors, fences or hedges in advance. Sometimes it may be necessary to temporarily remove some fence panels or a gate so that the hot tub can be delivered to the property – or there is always the option of a crane. If you’re looking for a very simple delivery process then use the hot tub dimensions you have and work out if the spot you’ve chosen is going to work in terms of delivery logistics.

Convenience and lifestyle

If your hot tub is difficult to use then you may find you get less and less enthusiastic about it over time. The location of the tub can have a big impact here – if it’s convenient and in a great spot where you can make the most of a property, garden or view then you’re much more likely to get more from it. If you live in a country with very cold winters then you might want to consider placing the hot tub closer to your property, or even indoors. Always make sure that, wherever you place the hot tub, it’s going to be safe for children and pets.

Water and drainage

Hot tubs can overflow and spill while in use, plus you’ll also need to drain the tub completely several times a year. So, placing the hot tub close to an existing drain can make life much easier. Bear in mind the effect of the water on any materials in the area too – for example, if the hot tub is going to be positioned on wood you can prepare it with an oil-based sealant to protect it.

The importance of maintenance

It’s crucial that your hot tub is in a location where maintenance is effortless. The equipment access panel should be easy to open and the tub in a position where everything, from large repairs to regular water checks, will be easy to carry out.

Personal choice

Some people want a hot tub to be somewhere very private, in which case it will be important to choose a secluded location that is not overlooked. For others, comfort is the bigger factor and so having the hot tub a few paces from the property or on the lawn will be more important.

Hot tub placement is just one of the key considerations when buying a new hot tub – we can help you find the perfect model for you, as well as the ideal location in which to place it.  Get in touch with The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today on 0208 300 4003.

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