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Seasonal Transitions When Using Your Swim Spa

It's great to be able to make use of your swim spa year-round. For those who have decided to install it outdoors, you may find that there are seasons where it's harder to use due to the weather. A good way to overcome this is to install a cover of some sort so that it's protected from the elements. If you opt for a swim spa that includes hot tub features as well, you may find that the cooler temperatures aren’t an issue for you.

Some models, like the Aqua 14ix swim spa, have the Hydropool Hydrowise thermal shield feature. This technology focuses on retaining the heat generated by various components of the swim spa, such as the motors. This is a great energy-saving feature, so you won't have to worry as much about maintaining the temperature of the water. Quality spas let you customize your heat settings according to your preferences.

When you're making the seasonal transition from the warmer months to the cooler ones, you'll probably find that it's a good idea to gradually increase the water temperature as needed. This way, your body won't have to make sudden and significant adjustments during your exercise routine.

If you've opted for an indoor swim spa, you have the benefit of avoiding weather issues. You can continue to use your unit year-round with the same routine as always. One thing to keep in mind is that if you like your water warm and plan to go outdoors after your swim, it's a good idea to give your body a chance to cool down first if it's cold out. This helps to alleviate the shock of the cold.

As the seasons change, your lifestyle may do the same. Perhaps you have more spare time during the warmer months than the cooler ones. You may want to make some adjustments to your time schedule to make sure that you can still take full advantage of your swim spa.

Swim spas really do provide some golden opportunities for great exercise, relaxation, and of course, fun! Making seasonal adjustments to your routine will ensure that you can reap all the benefits and get the most from your investment year-round.

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