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Setting the Rules for your Home Swim Spa

Having a home swim spa will bring you countless hours of enjoyment as well as relaxation. You should ensure this by setting the spa rules for every family member right from the start.

Generally, there are regulations for having water features such as swim spas. Find out the regulations in your area and follow them carefully to avoid problems and disappointments in the future.

Next, set the house rules. There are two major reasons for setting rules: to ensure the safety of yourself and your family, and to take proper care of the pool itself to extend its longevity. This way, you will have safe family fun for years to come!

Swim Spa Safety Rules

Some of your rules will be unique, depending on the age of the children that will be enjoying all of the water activities that the swim spa has to offer. If they are very young, the first rule should be that the swim spa is off limits unless there is adult supervision. Ideally, it's a good idea that no one should use a pool or spa alone regardless of age, for safety reasons.

Children can become a little rough with their play, and while you don't want to spoil their fun, you do want them to remain in control. Small accidents around a swimming area can turn out to be quite serious. Some main rules you may want to include are no running around the spa area and no diving in.

If your swim spa is enclosed due to area requirements, you want to ensure that each family member knows they must close and lock the spa when it is not in use.

You will want to give some thought to your own safety concerns and implement appropriate rules that will ensure the personal safety of everyone that will be enjoying fun in the water.

Swim Spa Care Rules

In addition to the safety rules, you will also want to implement some rules with respect to the spa and its equipment. You may want to insist on showering prior to entering the spa to help keep the water clean and reduce the need for maintenance. There should be rules in place that no food or beverages are allowed in its proximity for the same reason. Additional rules should include the proper handling and storage of the related chemicals that will be used for the maintenance of your swim spa. These should be stored in a safe place and only used by those that you have designated to do so.

With the proper swim spa rules in place, everyone can focus on enjoying it for fun, entertainment and relaxation.

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