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Swim Spa Safety Tips

Having a swim spa for you and your family to take advantage of is a great addition to your home and one that will bring many hours of enjoyment. There are a few extra steps that you can take to enhance the safety of your home swim spa activities.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of reducing unwanted exposure to your swim spa is to have a fence installed that will keep any unwanted or unsupervised visitors from entering without prior approval. Coupled with this is self-latching gates that automatically close and latch when released. Both of these are considered fundamentals of pool/swim spas ownership especially if you live in a subdivision or area with large populations nearby. Even if you live in an isolated area, having a fence around the actual swim spa or pool can never be considered a bad option.

You can further increase the safety of the swim spa by utilizing options, such as a pool cover or an alarm system. A pool cover is another great way of enhancing the swim spa safety.

You can also avoid mishaps by having a motion alarm installed that covers the perimeter of the swim spa. This alarm will be triggered if there is any movement detected in the swim spa's general area, alerting you to the possibility of an impending event. Another option is to install an alert that sounds if the water level is in any way dispersed by a wayward child or animal.

Signs are another great way to alleviate potential issues. No running and No diving signs while seeming simple can reduce risk and also reduce any liability to the swim spa owner should an occurrence take place.

Keeping the area around the swim spa free from clutter will help to avoid slips and falls. Also, making it a rule that no food or drink should be near this area is important. Glassware can be broken or debris can end up in the swim spa, which will affect the water and your safety.

Making sure that there is supervision present at all times when young ones are using the swim spa is important.

These are just a few simple but important steps to keep your swim spa safe.

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