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Taking Good Care of Your Vinyl Hot Tub Cover

As a hot tub owner, you know about all the great benefits that a hot tub has to offer. You have probably discovered how easy it is to maintain and this is partly thanks to your hot tub cover. In order to continue experiencing these great benefits, there are some steps that you can take regarding your hot tub cover maintenance that will really help to preserve it and extend its life.

It is going to depend on the type of cover that you are currently using, such as if it's a hard cover or a soft vinyl cover.

If you have a vinyl cover, you will find that it is comprised of a PVC layer that is backed with fabric. To make the outer layer strong and weather resistant, it is usually top coated with special compounds called plasticizers. Then, softening agents are added to keep it soft and easy to work with.

Over time, this top coat can end up getting damaged, especially from UV rays. Although, some of the better quality hot tub vinyl covers have UV protectors built into them. You can seek out vinyl protection products that contain UV inhibitors that you can apply to enhance the protection of the cover. Just make sure that it is designed for use on hot tub covers. Many of these products that have been designed for this use allow it to be used on the underside of the cover as well to help protect against mildew.

One thing to really be on the lookout for is vinyl treatment products that contain any oils or petroleum distillates. These can be really harsh on vinyl. You also don't want a product that leaves a coating that looks like dried wax.

While adding extra protection to your vinyl hot tub cover is important, so is the regular cleaning of it. You really should include this as part of your hot tub maintenance program. You can easily clean it with your garden hose and a quality vinyl cleaner. Make sure the run off is not entering the hot tub.

By taking good care of your vinyl hot tub cover you are extending its performance and longevity. This, in turn, is providing the ultimate protection for your hot tub.

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