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Tender Loving Care for Your Hot Tub

Having a hot tub doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of time keeping it in prime condition. So go ahead and put it to good use, and just follow these quick tips for keeping it maintained.

First, set up a plan for keeping your hot tub optimized year-round, considering daily, weekly and periodic maintenance. It may sound like a lot of work, however, if you stick to the plan you will find that maintenance goes quickly and smoothly!

On a Daily Basis

Water quality is the main priority here. Part of the enjoyment that comes with the hot tub is the clean, inviting water you see as you are about to step into it. The water should have the proper pH levels and be properly sanitized, which can both be checked easily with good quality test strips. Often, you will find that nothing needs to be done, but if there are indicators that the pH or sanitization are not up to par then you will need to treat the water accordingly. This takes just a few minutes each day, and by keeping up with this, you are going to avoid potential problems such as scale build up and unsightly water.

Once a Week

You need to follow the manufacturer’s directions when it comes to shocking your hot tub. This is normally done with your chosen sanitizer which may be chlorine or bromine. A common problem that some hot tub owners experience is foaming, but this is easily corrected with the proper amount of foam reducer. The components of the water that you use to fill your hot tub may need some adjusting as well. Some water contains higher amounts of calcium and minerals which can lead to scaling in the tub, but again there are some great products on the market to easily correct this and bring your water to the proper levels. If you don't tend to this, you are going to run into potential problems with the pumps and hoses and even scale buildup on the tub walls.

Throughout the Year

Your specific water conditions and how often you use your hot tub will determine the periodic maintenance that is required. Even if you have had no need to provide a de-scaling treatment to your water, you may want to do this once or twice a year anyway to quickly handle small amounts of mineral residue. The main filter of the unit should be cleaned at least a few times a year. Your owner's manual should give you specific details about cleaning the filter. You should also completely replace the water several times a year to ensure optimal water conditions.

The time it takes to perform these maintenance tasks is minimal, and by capitalizing on preventive measures, you can avoid unnecessary corrective measures and repairs.

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