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The Health and Exercise Benefits of a Hot Tub

Many people have made the choice to buy a hot tub for the benefits that are the most obvious, such as the soothing hot water that alleviates strained muscles and joint pain. What many people fail to realize is that you can get a very decent full body workout in a hot tub despite the space limitations.

The long understood benefits of exercising while immersed in water have been acknowledged for generations. The resistance that the water creates can help to build and strengthen muscle mass and help to prevent injury through the buoyancy created by the water.

The benefits realized are the primary reason that many spas and physiotherapy clinics have hot tubs.

Learning even a few of the countless exercises that can be performed in a hot tub can help with ailments, such as diabetes and other circulatory afflictions by helping to increase the blood flow in the body, especially to the lower extremities.

Performing a simple aerobic routine while in the hot tub with actions that use the resistance of the water instead of heavy weights is a great way to get a full body workout without the harmful effects that a high impact workout can cause.

Almost any exercise that you can perform in a full size swimming pool, other than laps, can be performed in a hot tub. There are many aqua fitness routines available on the Internet that are great to use as a template for your exercise routine.

Simply choose a set of exercises that is right for you, while taking into consideration the space you have to work with and you will find that you can get as good or even a better workout in the hot tub. Simply adjust your exercises to fit the space you are in and realize the true health benefits of owning your hot tub.

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