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Using Scale and Stain Inhibitors for Your Swim Spa

In some parts of the country, the chemical composition of your water can have very detrimental effects on the water contained in your swim spa, pool and even hot tub.

The calcium and other elements found in hard water can cause your swim spa or hot tub equipment to become very gummed up, ineffective and can even cause the water to become scaly and slimy feeling.

These chemical elements can also cause unsightly stains to form on the swim spa or hot tub like the stains you can see form on your shower and bathtub if you happen to live in an area that suffers from this water borne chemical problem.

The stains and irregular feeling of the water when it is hard is a pain, but the bigger concern is the problems that the buildup of these calcium and other elemental deposits can cause in the scaling inside your swim spa or hot tubs plumbing.

The buildup of these elements can cause your equipment to be forced to work much harder to get the job done and can even limit the amount of water that can flow through the gummed up pipes and routes. This can and will lead to the premature failure of these pieces of equipment.

The fact remains also that hard water can have detrimental effect on your skin causing it to dry and prematurely age, while causing flaking, itchiness, hair dryness and even acne.

There are great products available at your local supply store that deal exactly with these problems at the root.

Anti-scaling products are designed to prevent the buildup of scale in the plumbing of your swim spa or hot tub, while helping to clean out any deposits that the hard water may have left behind.

Similarly, the products available on the market to help prevent any stains from hard water are great at helping to avoid any of the unsightly stains that can cause your beautiful swim spa or hot tub to look less than appealing to you.

Talk to your local spa dealer about your concerns and they will point you in the right direction to the products you may require in keeping your swim spa or hot tub in tip top shape now and for years to come.

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