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What Makes Swim Spas Different?

Almost anyone that loves the water will be content with a new water unit, whether it be a hot tub, swim spa, or pool. Often, when people try a swim spa it quickly becomes their first choice. So what makes swim spas different?

The use of little space without compromising its benefits is probably one of the biggest features that swim spas offer. For those that like to use a swimming pool to swim, they often want a pool big enough for their activities. They end up using public swims so they can get the benefits of doing full laps, and this isn't always convenient. With swim spas, length isn't an issue because the user swims against the current of the water and can adjust the difficulty level, so you can do laps on the spot. There never is a need to focus on not hitting the wall or having to break the swim stride so you can turn around, like a conventional swimming pool.

Depending on the unit features, it can have more options than the regular swimming pool. There are some that act as a dual unit, where one end acts as a hot tub. These two-in-one units offer the best of both worlds for those who like to use water to help them stay fit physically and mentally.

The current can be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual swimmer so they are getting the level of exercise they desire. For those just starting out, there is less strain on their body and they can adjust their level of water resistance accordingly. The only way to get the same effect with a regular swimming pool is by gauging the amount of time they are swimming. This is inconvenient for those who don't have a pool of their own and must travel to one, or don't have tons of time to spend swimming. They battle with traffic or time constraints, and are only able to take advantage of doing laps for a short period of time.

While many people like to use swim spas for their exercise regime to assist in their overall fitness, there are many that like to use swimming as a preventative measure. It has been shown that physical activity is beneficial in helping to prevent stroke, heart disease, and even diabetes. For those that are intent on prevention like this and don't have a swim spa, it means looking for other forms of exercise, or once again relying on the standard swimming pool. This type of health regime must be consistent to remain beneficial. For some, the regular form of swimming means having to share the pool with others, which means they may be more confined. The swim spa is ideal for personalized use for both fitness and pleasure, but also can accommodate several others at the same time for a great option while entertaining. No matter what you’re looking for, a swim spa is sure to fit your needs!

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