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What benefits are there to a Swim Spa over a Pool?

Swim spa or pool? This is often the question you’ll face if you’re looking for additional recreation or fitness amenities for your home or garden. Both can provide a fun space in which to play, as well as somewhere to cool off during the hotter months of the year. But which one is the right choice for you?

The pool

Bigger means better? Swimming pools have the advantage of being a larger size so if you have a big family and all are likely to want to use it at the same time, it might be the logical choice.

Pools may be more suited to children. Many of the benefits of a swim spa are focused on adult use, such as the opportunity to get fit and the use of the jets. So, if you’re looking for a watery space that’s specifically for the kids then the pool could be the one for you.

Maintenance and replacements. Pools are more common than swim spas so getting replacement parts tends to be cheaper and easier. You may also find that there is less maintenance to do as there are fewer moving parts when it comes to a pool.

The swim spa

Space efficiency. Swim spas require less room than a pool so if you’re short on space then the swim spa is obviously a better choice.

An intense workout. Despite the swim spa being smaller than the pool the workout you’ll get is no less intense – in fact it’s likely to be more so.  The water jets in the swim spa can be set to ensure much higher resistance so that you can do shorter workouts that achieve more.

Dual purpose. If you have a swim spa at home then you also have a hot tub – which is not something that can be said of a pool. So, on the days when you just want to chill out in a cloud of bubbles, just switch on the jets and sink back into the water and relax.

Easier installation. Swim spas tend to be much easier and quicker to install than a pool thanks to the positioning and design. This is particularly so if you’re looking to have a swim spa or pool indoors – indoor pool construction can cause huge disruption. Plus, a swim spa can be cheaper too – an above ground swim spa is always a cheaper option than a pool but still offers all of these great benefits.

Great for socialising. Swim spas are just that bit more glamorous than a pool and ideal for socialising, as they are a more compact space and can be made to bubble.

Warm all year round. If you’re keen to be outside all year round then the swim spa might be the better choice, as the temperature is consistent throughout the year.

If the idea of a swim spa is appealing we have a wide range of options suitable for virtually every home. Contact The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today on 0208 300 4003 to find out more.


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