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What can swim spas offer athletes and non-professionals?

Swim spas are becoming more and more popular as an increasing number of families and individuals are choosing to use them. From something that originated as a tool to facilitate training for swimmers and athletes, the swim spa has become more widely used for recreational use and exercise by a wide range of people.

Private fitness training

Above all, swim spas offer an environment that is ideal for private fitness training. There is no queue, or people sharing the space that could compromise swimming performance. This makes it the ideal location for anyone looking to boost their fitness or improve technique in their own private space. Settings can even be adjusted to provide an experience of swimming against different pressures to allow swimming at set speeds, which can help to build pace and stamina over time for those training for a competition or race.

Requires less space than a pool

There are also other practical benefits to using a swim spa instead of a pool – the most obvious being that it takes up far less space and therefore is great for installation at home either outside or even indoors. The short length and current mean that there is no need for swimmers to slow pace and interrupt their flow unlike pools which require users to turn around each time one length is completed.

Support while exercising

Swimming itself is a great way to get fit, even for family use and non-professionals. In fact, it’s a safe environment to teach children to swim as it is not as deep as a pool may be, and can be stopped at any point. Some swim spas also offer multiple jets for use by more than one person at any given time. As a whole, swimming it a great way to exercise if you suffer from pain or joint problems too, as the water provides buoyancy that offers support to your body. This can allow you to exercise more easily without strain on your body, and a swim spa gives you this luxury at home, and can be fitted to make access easier too, such as being built in at floor level, or with a step up if you would prefer.

Relaxation and rehabilitation

As well as the initial exercise and building of swimming skills, swim spas also offer benefits for rehabilitation and relaxation after exercising. The warm water is an oasis to soothe sore muscles and prevent damage and pain, and it can aid sleep and muscle healing, as well as pain relief from existing conditions. This makes it ideal for the whole family or for athletes recovering from injuries.

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