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What’s the Difference Between Lap Pools and Swim Spas?

At one time, smaller pools that were designed more for water exercise and aerobics were called lap pools. They have really become popular in the last few years and their designs have become enhanced. They are now more commonly referred to as swim spas because of their additional benefits and features. They provide a more spa like setting.

In the past, it was common for a lap pool to have a 10ft x 10ft swimming area. Usually, these were in ground units. They were expensive and restricted in their functionality. Plus, in many cases, they were based on seasonal use.

Swim spas are much smaller than the traditional versions of lap pools. For some people, it is difficult to see the great benefits that the swim spa offers because of its size. Some feel that they merely look like an extended version of a hot tub. The feature of the swim spa that is most important for water exercise enthusiasts is the jets that they possess, which allows the swimmer to achieve the perfect swim. They can come with various jet speeds and intensity so the swimmer can progress in their water exercises.

Another great benefit of the swim spa is its flexibility in regards to its users. With the original lap pools, they were designed specifically for those who wanted to participate only in water exercise. Swim spas are designed for those that also enjoy the benefits that a hot tub can offer. When one doesn't feel like swimming, they can just sit and enjoy the many other benefits that the warm circulating water can bring.

The swim spa has the ability to meet the needs of swimmers no matter what their skill level is. It's also a great starting point for those that want to be able to master distance and endurance swimming. For those that just want to get fit, the swim spa provides plenty of opportunity to do this. For those that have some medical conditions that affects their joints and muscles or for those with other types of disabilities, the swim spa is a great resource.

The swim spa is not restricted to just those family members that are athletic in nature, while providing great fun for the entire family.

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