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Which is Better: A Swim Spa or A Swimming Pool?

For those who desire a form of water entertainment at home, deciding between a swim spa and a swimming pool can seem like a difficult decision. Often it is a matter of budget when it comes to an addition like this, but with today’s technology both the swim spa and swimming pool can be quite affordable. So this means the choice now comes down to preference, and which best suits the family needs. Let's take a look at how you can make your decision.


This is usually one of the prime concerns when it comes to deciding between the swim spa or swimming pool. First, look at your space options, both indoors and out. You may think you could never have an indoor swimming pool, but you may be surprised both at the space requirements and the cost. With so many choices of shapes and styles, you just may have the perfect room to accommodate an indoor pool. Then again, once you have checked out all of the benefits of the swim spa in respect to its size, you may find this is a better choice. Swim spas are often more compact than a regular swimming pool. If an indoor water feature is not an option for you, study your outdoor area carefully. Chances are you will have better options there for either the swim spa or swimming pool. Let's take a look at a few other things before you make your decision.


If you have a family, no doubt each family member is going to have their own expectations of what they want their new water unit for. For the kids they want plenty of room to romp around in. The fitness buffs want to get down to some serious water exercise. Others may be looking at a water feature that is going to allow them to relax, entertain in, and maybe reap some health benefits. No matter what the priorities are, the swim spa and swimming pool are going to have some great options.


Swim Spa

Swim spas are built for flexibility in regards to meeting all of your needs. It demands less space and less water, meaning that water temperature is more easily controlled. It is appropriate for both the beginner exerciser right up to those that want intense exercise options. This is all done through the control of the water current features that come with the swim spa. There are some types that include a hot tub on one end for people intent on relaxation. They are easier and faster to install if they are above ground. In a nutshell, the swim spa is capable of meeting all of the needs of a family while taking up less space.

Swimming Pool

If you have a large family, especially young ones, then they are going to want to make constant use of the unit and most likely want to have friends join them. In this case, one of the many outdoor above ground pools may be more suitable. Maintenance and repairs can also be less time consuming or expensive, because overall, swimming pools may have less parts to be concerned about in comparison to the swim spa which has the additional water jets and pumps.

Along with this information, your swim spa or swimming pool provider will be able to offer you additional information for comparison to help you make the right choice for your new swim feature. No matter what you choose, we're sure you'll love your new home addition!

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