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Which type of hot tub should you get?

A hot tub at home has a lot of benefits. From somewhere to relax after a hard day, to the therapeutic effect of the water, there are lots of reasons to consider a hot tub for your home. If you’ve already made the decision to get a hot tub then what do you need to consider when it comes to choosing which hot tub to get?

Energy efficient hot tubs

Hot tubs are the perfect size and design to retain heat and consume less energy but not all hot tubs are created the same. If you’re looking to ensure that you don’t experience an increase in your energy bills as a result of the new hot tub – and you’re pursuing an environmentally friendly lifestyle – then make sure you opt for an energy efficient hot tub that traps and reuses waste heat and minimises energy consumption,

A self-cleaning hot tub

Maintenance and cleaning are the less interesting parts of owning a hot tub. However, if you choose the right model then you can minimise the time that you have to spend doing this. Self-cleaning hot tubs make it much easier to ensure your hot tub is always in great condition and if you have the right, specialist filters then you can minimise the chemicals that you need to use too.

The right construction

The way the hot tub has been built will have an impact over your experience of it. It’s a good idea to steer away from less durable materials, for example, if you’re looking for a hot tub that will still be functioning and looking great no matter what kind of use or exposure it gets. Avoid soft-sided vinyl and opt for tubs made from materials like wood, thermal plastic and stainless steel. Insulation is another key element in your hot tub – full-foam insulation (as opposed to partial coverage) will support the hot tub and protect against heat loss.

Customisable design

Not every hot tub is built the same and what works for your neighbour might not be your ideal hot tub design. Being able to customise the jets in your hot tub, for example, will give you a lot more control over your experience of it. If the hot tub has a broad selection of therapeutic massage options then you’ll be able to use it in many different ways. The cover is another key element to customisable design and crucial to ensuring the longevity of the hot tub. The cover should be designed for a perfect fit - so that the interior is protected - and lockable so that children and small animals can’t gain access.

Size and location

Hot tubs come in a very wide range of sizes, from the compact to the palatial. Choose the right dimensions for your space so that the tub doesn’t dominate but has plenty of room for everyone. If you’re planning an outside hot tub, as opposed to an inside design, then you might want to consider protection from the elements for the colder months.

If you’d like to find out more about how to choose the right hot tub for you then contact our team of specialists for help.

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