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Why Choose a Self Cleaning Swim Spa?

With the idea that you are really getting double the pleasure with a swim spa, having one that is capable of cleaning itself is an even greater bonus!

Ideal for the first time owner

If this is your first time considering a swim spa, you no doubt have questions about its maintenance. With standard swim spas, it's important to understand the chemicals that are required to clean the spa, as well as how much to use and when to use them. Although this is easy enough to understand, not having to worry about cleaning your swim spa is a real benefit and time saver.

Allows more time for pleasure

With the self cleaning swim spas, you don’t have to clean the spa before using it, while listening to the kids complain about the delay at times. When you purchase a self cleaning spa, you can say goodbye to this short delay as the water automatically replaces itself every 15 minutes!

A healthy water environment

Water that becomes unhealthy in any type of water spa can pose potential health risks. By investing in a spa that is able to self clean, you are taking the extra step of making sure the water is in prime condition for providing all of the benefits that it is capable of.

It's a money saver in the long run!

Not only do you save time and get more time to enjoy your swim spa, you also save on chemicals and cleaning. And after all, you want to be spending your time enjoying your swim spa as much as the rest of the family does.

If you have any questions about swim spas, please leave a comment below or contact us. We'd be happy to assist!

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