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Why You Need to Keep up with Your Hot Tub Treatments

Keeping your hot tub in great condition is not a burdensome task and only takes a few moments of your time, while allowing you to avoid potential problems in the future.

If you have one of the newer high-quality hot tubs, your work should be easy. The condition of your water is an important consideration. Your hot tub provider should be able to advise you as to which is the best water sanitizer to use. This may be either chlorine or bromine. On average, a PH between 7.2 to 7.8 is acceptable, but 7.4 is ideal. You also may want to check for calcium hardness. Everyone's water is different depending on the area you live in. If you follow the manufacturer's directions for your hot tub, compare the ranges they provide, and the recommendations they make regarding chemicals, you should have some good guidelines to follow.

These form part of the treatments that are necessary for keeping your hot tub in good condition. Ideally, you should test the water every couple of days to make sure you don't let anything that may be occurring go unattended to. In time, you will get to the point when you notice right away if the water is running into trouble, such as if it becomes hazy looking or slimy.

For some hot tub models, you may find that they suggest changing the water. This is usually only done every three to six months. How often is going to depend on a lot of factors. How often your hot tub is used and by how many people on a regular basis is one of them. If you stay on top of the required treatments and take some extra steps to keep your hot tub in good condition, you will be well on your way to a hot tub that will serve you well for years to come.

You may want to ensure that prior to using your hot tub, everyone takes a quick shower. This helps to remove a lot of the body oils or skin care products that can come off the skin into the hot tub. Also, making use of a hot tub cover will really help to keep your hot tub clean.

If you are just in the market for buying a new hot tub, be sure to check out the self-cleaning models that Hydropool has. A self-cleaning hot tub cuts down your hot tub treatment work even more.

If you neglect to keep up with your hot tub treatments, you can run into problems, such as unfit water that becomes murky looking, while forming bacteria, which makes it unhealthy. The water can also go from clear to green, which means that you are dealing with an algae problem. Other problems include slimy water, which makes the hot tub easy to slip on, as well as clogged filters that can lead to future repair costs.

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