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Why are swim spas perfect for hotels and health clubs to install?

The swim spa is the evolution of the swimming pool and the spa pool, and provides a wealth of opportunities for hotels and health clubs looking to offer guests more. From a great facility for exercise and wellness through to somewhere that guests can relax and wind down, there are multiple good reasons why installing a swim spa in your hotel or health club is a sound decision.

Upgrade your amenities

Many guests now choose their health clubs or hotels on the basis of the amenities on offer, not just the rooms or the equipment. Being able to offer guests access to a swim spa is the ultimate luxury and will enhance every visit. The way the swim spa is used depends on your property but with a range of different features, it is a versatile amenity to have for your guests to enjoy.

A touch of luxury for any space

Swim spas can be installed into rooms with almost any dimensions. So, they are an option even for those properties that are short on additional room. If you’re looking to give your guests more every time they visit you, but you don’t have the space to expand to make room for extra facilities, then a swim spa is the ideal choice for space smart luxury.

Doubling up on facilities

The swim spa has the advantage of being both a pool and a hot tub. It has powerful jets that can provide a satisfying massage and a relaxing warm water environment. The swim spa is also fitted with equipment to create a current against which anyone can swim, whether for relaxation or for exercise. Thanks to the resistance of the current, your guests will get a great work out on the spot. The effectiveness of a swim spa workout is widely acknowledged – from learners through to professional swimmers, swim spas are frequently a first choice as a way to exercise and train.

Simple maintenance and upkeep

Swim spas are smaller than a pool and much easier to maintain. Guests will expect all your facilities to be spotlessly clean and working faultlessly – it’s much easier to achieve far higher standards when you have a swim spa. Replacement parts and repairs tend to be easier to source and fit, and the maintenance and cleaning obligations are much less onerous in order to achieve the same high quality results.

Supporting seasonal service

Swim spas can be placed anywhere on a property to ensure maximum enjoyment of the pool. If you’re making the investment of a swim spa for your hotel or health club – and you’re concerned about access to the swim spa in all weathers – then you have many more options in terms of location than you would do with a traditional pool design. For example, if you live somewhere that the winters are long and cold, installing the swim spa inside may make it more popular with your guests.

These are just a few of the reasons why a swim spa makes perfect sense for health clubs and hotels – call us to discuss your options today on 0208 300 4003.

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