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Why is hydrotherapy good for the body?

Water has been used for forms of relaxation and rehabilitation for hundreds of years, and hydrotherapy is still commonly practiced today. Hydrotherapy is effective because of the soothing effects that it has on the body, whilst being completely non-invasive and comfortable.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is used for many health reasons since water is effective at relieving pain through cold and hot temperatures. A great example of this is how athletes use ice baths and then hot baths following intense exercise, which helps to aid muscle healing and calm and soothe the body. It can also reduce inflammation.

Spa culture and relaxation

The benefits of hydrotherapy are so well recognised that many spas offer hydrotherapy treatments such as hydrotherapy pools, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis and hot tubs. These provide heat and sometimes massage the body, which provides some of the many health benefits of hydrotherapy to the body and aids relaxation, such as:

Pain and tension relief

Pain and tension can be relieved through the warmth of the water combined with the buoyancy that it gives the body. Both of these things support the body to ease movement, reduce tension and help with the healing of sore muscles or joints. Endorphins are also released by the body during hydrotherapy sessions, which acts as a natural pain reliever for the body, even for long-term incurable illnesses like arthritis.

Injury rehabilitation

Heat from the water during hydrotherapy is good for the body as it raises the overall body temperature of the bather, which increases their blood flow and circulation. This also reduces pain and is especially useful in cases of injuries or rehabilitation following a sports or recreational injury where the muscles or joints need to heal. In fact, hydrotherapy may even be recommended as part of your official rehabilitation and recovery treatment.

Immunity and detoxing

Other ways that hydrotherapy is good for the body include increasing circulation, which in turn causes white blood cells in our immune system fluids to move throughout the body more quickly and efficiently. This can boost the speed at which your body can fight off a cold or similar illnesses by helping your body’s natural processes to become more efficient. At the same time, therapy through other methods such as saunas or steam rooms helps to cleanse the body by flushing toxins out through the skin and removing impurities as the heat causes the body to sweat.

Get the benefits of hydrotherapy at home

Even if your body is healthy, hydrotherapy is fantastic at relieving stress and allows your body to fully relax. You can enjoy these benefits at home with your own Hot Tub which gives you all of the same effects as hydrotherapy spa treatments can.

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