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How to look after your swim spa - the basics

Your swim spa will last a lot longer – and provide a fantastic experience every time you use it – if you look after it properly. If you haven’t owned a swim spa before then there is some cleaning and maintenance involved. Of course, if you invest in a Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company swim spa you get the benefit of self-cleaning technology and you have option to let us take care of all the ongoing maintenance. However, if you decide to handle everything on your own then there are a few things to consider.

Every four months

Empty and refill the system – water needs to be emptied below the skimmer every four months and the system purged. You’ll then need to refill the swim spa with water and the correct balance of water treatment products.

Testing the water quality – it’s crucial to frequently test the quality of the water in the swim spa and add scale treatments or antibacterials.

General cleaning – to keep the swim spa looking as good as new, it’s recommended that you give everything a good clean, three or four times a year. So, wipe down the cover, the pillows and strainer baskets and give the shell a thorough clean with a specialist cleaner. You might also want to treat the neck pillows with a vinyl protector to restore shine.

Quick MOT – check the heating, as well as pumps, filtration system, lighting systems and jet function.

Once a year

Emptying the swim spa – the entire system will need to be drained, purged and then refilled with the right balance of water treatment products.

Cleaning – once a year your swim spa needs a total deep clean, which includes cleaning the shell and using a scale treatment on it, draining water and flushing the entire swim spa through with a sanitiser and descaler. The removable hydrotherapy jets will also need to be taken out and cleaned, as will the jet housings, which should also be descaled.

Testing – it’s a good idea to pressure test your swim spa annually to ensure that there are no leaks. You should also carry out a general MOT of all the essential parts, including pumps, filtration system, lighting system and jet function.

Restore and replace – you may buy a new filter to add to the filtration system of the valve and the hot tub cover may need to be restored or replaced, depending on its condition.

If this seems like a lot of work then it might be worth thinking about the swim spa that you buy. We offer a range of self-cleaning spas that do a lot of the less interesting cleaning tasks for you so that you don’t have to add those to your list. Plus the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company offers routine servicing and maintenance packages that cover all of the above. And we can also deal with requirements for repairs, replacements and leak analysis – contact us for more information by calling 0208 300 4003 today.

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