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What is so great about Self Cleaning Hot Tubs and Swim Spas?

Having a hot tub or a swim spa at home is a real luxury. You have access to your own little slice of blissful relaxation – or somewhere to exercise and have fun – whenever you want it. Of course, the downside of having your own hot tub or swim spa is that you’re also responsible for its maintenance and that means staying on top of the cleaning. The new generation of hot tubs and swim spas have innovative self-cleaning technology, which is designed to make owning and looking after one much easier. But what’s so great about it?

You won’t get it wrong

If you’re cleaning your own swim spa, for example, then there is a mix of chemicals that need to be used and you will need to add these on a regular basis. You may not get the mix quite right or you may simply forget when other things in life take over. Regularly cleaning a hot tub or swim spa is an important part of maintaining it and you might reduce its longevity if you fail to do it. A self-cleaning model makes it much easier to protect your investment for the long-term, as well as keeping the tasks on your to do list to a minimum.

You can use the hot tub whenever you want

If you have a standard swim spa or hot tub then you have to factor in the cleaning to the process of using it. That might mean delays on the day that you want to use it or having to plan ahead. If you have a self-cleaning model then this just isn’t necessary. The water automatically replaces itself in a self-cleaning model so you can be completely spontaneous – if you want to jump in at 6am or midnight then there’s absolutely nothing to stop you doing it.

A clean hot tub is a healthy hot tub

There are all sorts of health risks that you may expose yourself and/or your family to if the water in your hot tub or swim spa isn’t clean. It’s a risk that’s just not worth taking, which is why investing in a self-cleaning model makes so much sense. If your hot tub or swim spa cleans itself then you completely minimise any potential for unhealthy mistakes and ensure that you always have the best hot tub or swim spa experience.

Saving time and money

A self-cleaning hot tub or swim spa is a real time saver, especially if you’re a frequent user. It also means you save money on maintenance costs as you don’t have to pay for the cleaning chemicals – or cover the expense of bringing in anyone else to do your maintenance for you. The swim spa or hot tub takes care of everything itself leaving you free to do other things. There’s an enormous range of choice when it comes to self-cleaning hot tubs and swim spas. If you’d like to find out more then contact The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company on 0208 300 4003.

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