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Can a hot tub help deal with anxiety?

Anxiety is very common today. Worldwide, around 40% of disability is due to anxiety and depression. It’s a condition that many of us live with day to day and it can affect everything, from work to personal relationships. There are many ways in which you can deal with anxiety – a hot tub at home can provide some essential relief.

The soothing impact of a hot tub soak

Hydrotherapy has been used as a form of stress relief for thousands of years. Stepping into the warm water of a hot tub can instantly help to alleviate the physical symptoms of anxiety, in particular the muscle tension that can be common. Soaking in a hot tub improves circulation by dilating blood vessels and this can provide instant relief from muscle tension and pain. There are other ways in which the physical impact of a hot tub on the body can also help to relieve anxiety, including:

  • Feeling supported by the buoyancy of the water, which enables the body to completely relax
  • Enjoying the massage effect of the hot tub jets, which are ideal for working out knots of tension and easing painful spots
  • Getting the body ready for sleep and combating insomnia – according to a study in the journal ‘Sleep’ a pre-bedtime hot tub soak not only makes it easier to fall asleep but also improves the quality of sleep too
  • Lowering blood pressure – just 15 minutes in a hot tub can bring your blood pressure down according to a study by the Mayo Clinic

Using your hot tub to help deal with anxiety

Having a hot tub at home is a great way to help reduce the anxiety that you experience on a regular basis. Many people develop coping mechanisms that involve alcohol or food, even an addiction to sport or social media, when anxiety gets really bad. Regularly soaking in your hot tub offers a way to cope without any of the negative consequences of these other options. It’s very easy to set up your hot tub as somewhere to go when you’re feeling anxious:

  • Create a private sanctuary that is out of bounds to other people, somewhere you can retreat to when you need to destress and unwind
  • Alternatively, make your hot tub a sociable place – human contact can be supportive during anxious times, especially in a hot tub which is the perfect place for real, uninterrupted conversations about difficult issues
  • Place your hot tub outside in nature – immersing yourself in the natural world is a great solution when things start to feel too much
  • Use hot tub additions to help cope with anxiety – for example, advanced entertainment systems that allow you to play music can be a great way to increase the anti-anxiety experience. You could also add lights (blue and green are meant to be particularly relaxing) as well as chill out features such as a waterfall.

There are many different ways to cope with anxiety and a hot tub at home can provide simple, swift relief even on the worst of days.

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