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hot tub enclosed within a Hot Tub and Swim Spa Enclosure

Our top enclosures for all seasons

If you’re investing in a hot tub then the chances are that you’re likely to want to make the most of it as often as you can. The weather than be problematic when it comes to enjoying your hot tub. From burning hot sun through to freezing cold temperatures, there are lots of conditions in which you may just not be able to get in the hot tub as much as you’d like. A hot tub enclosure is a simple solution to this that can transform your hot tub space into an area for all seasons.

Temporary hot tub enclosures

If you’re looking for basic sun protection then there are plenty of temporary hot tub enclosures that will fit the bill. Most of these are lightweight structures that are easy to bolt or snap together and which have a lightweight cloth stretched over them. Although a temporary hot tub enclosure can be a good option for summer, it won’t withstand more serious weather conditions and may need to be frequently replaced.

Custom built hot tub enclosures

There are many different options when it comes to hot tub enclosures and the best are usually those that are custom designed for your space. From protective windows and screens or bolt together metal structures, to those that are constructed from bricks and mortar, you can create a hot tub enclosure that is ideal for your space. If you’re opting for a custom built hot tub enclosure then there are some key factors to bear in mind:

  • Ventilation will be essential. Any hot tub will create steam and humidity that will need to be dispersed in order to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and avoid architectural damage. If your hot tub is outside and you’re planning a roof-only enclosure then ventilation is rarely an issue. However, if you’re designing an enclosure that will completely contain your hot tub it’s going to be important to bear ventilation in mind. This will be key not just to avoid damage to the structure but also to ensure your enjoyment too.
  • The foundation of your enclosure will be key. This is most important if you’re designing a hot tub enclosure from scratch and especially so for an enclosure in an exposed area outside. The stronger the foundations of the hot tub enclosure, the more likely it will be able to resist difficult weather conditions and the longer it will last.
  • What aesthetic appeals? If you’ve created an outside space that already has a certain theme then you might want to choose an enclosure that fits that. For example, a natural aesthetic often works well in outside spaces that are intricately landscaped.
  • Make sure you have enough space. When you’re designing the enclosure space will be key – is there enough room for people to get in and out, for any amenities you want (e.g. towel hooks or a fridge) and also to ensure you have health and safety details covered, such as those relating to wiring.

A hot tub enclosure is a great way to ensure that you can enjoy your hot tub all year round.

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