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Sleep tight with a hot tub

According to the National Sleep Foundation there are more than 30 million people in the UK who suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues. So, if you regularly find yourself struggling to get a good night’s sleep then you’re not alone. The impact of poor sleep can be wide ranging.

From being unable to concentrate during the day to feeling depressed and anxious, there are many ways in which a lack of rest at nighttime can affect how you feel all day. If you’re currently struggling with insomnia then your hot tub might be able to help you turn the situation around.

Giving the body what it needs to wind down

Many hot tub owners report getting better sleep simply as a result of using their hot tubs before bed. There are lots of different reasons for this. For example, when we’re in a hot tub we tend to put our phones down – the blue light that smart phones emit essentially tells our brains that it’s daytime, waking us up just when we should be winding down.

20 minutes in a hot tub before bedtime – without your phone – means you’re avoiding exposure to that harmful light and you are much more likely to sleep better as a result. A bedtime session in a hot tub also helps to release tight muscles and soothe any aches and pains that could potentially be uncomfortable enough to keep you awake. The warm water in a hot tub improves the flow of blood around the body, boosting its ability to heal itself.

A better night’s sleep

When we are in a hot tub, the warmth of the water tends to increase body temperature. However, once we step out of the water, body temperature falls. This can naturally trigger drowsiness, signaling to the mind and body that it’s time to switch off and rest. This not only helps to avoid a situation where you can’t get to sleep but can also ensure that the quality of sleep that you enjoy is higher too.

Experts recommend bedtime rituals

Parents often create bedtime rituals for children because this helps young minds to get used to the idea that sleep happens at a certain time of the day. Many experts recommend the use of similar rituals in adults for anyone who finds it difficult to get to sleep on a regular basis.

A warm soak in a hot tub can be the cut-off point from the day that has just gone, helping to create a gap between being switched on during the day and switching off when it’s time to sleep. It’s a good idea to schedule this for around an hour or 1.5 hours before you go to bed, at the same time every night, so that the body starts to get used to the idea that this is the point at which the wind down begins.

A hot tub is a fantastic tool for anyone who is struggling with sleep issues. Regularly soaking in your hot tub before bed really can help you to sleep tight.

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