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Can you swim in a swim spa?

If you don't have a lot of space on your property then you may have dismissed the idea of being able to swim at home. A full size swimming pool not only takes up a lot of space but can also involve a lot of work when it comes to maintenance and repairs. A swim spa provides a simple and effective alternative to a pool - it’s significantly smaller and easier to maintain. But can you actually swim in a swim spa?

Swimming at home

The short answer to whether it’s possible to swim in a swim spa is yes! If you haven’t encountered these ingenious pools before they are similar to the way a treadmill works. Instead of continuously walking or running on the rotating surface, in a swim spa you are moving against a current. This simple design means that you can do an intensive - or gentle - swim workout, use the swim spa for training or recovery or try a new way to get fit. There are many different ways to swim at home when you have a swim spa. Given that swimming is one of the best options for a full body workout that is also protective, thanks to the buoyancy of the water, it’s a great option for everyone, from beginners to athletes.

How does the swim spa work?

Every swim spa comes with a built in current system that can be adjusted to suit you. This system means that you can set the pace that you want to swim at and control the experience that you have in the pool. Jet pumps or a propellor within the built in system are used to push water towards you in a consistent current and this is what you’re swimming against. Although the swimming is essentially taking place on the spot you could cover distances of many miles swimming in a swim spa. Swim spas are often compared to hot tubs in terms of the use of jets - water flows through filtration and suction inlets and out through jets. However, in a swim spa the flow rate is higher and the water movement designed for swimming.

What kind of swimming experience do you get in a swim spa?

There are a range of different options when it comes to swim spas and the one you choose will have an impact on your swimming experience. If you haven’t used a swim spa before then the current may require a short period of adjustment to get used to - as you would with any new piece of fitness kit. Many people compare the experience of a swim spa to open water swimming as there can be an element of turbulence involved in the way that the current moves. This can be a great way to strengthen your muscles and technique, whether you’re looking to then go out on the open water or just finding new ways to stay fit and healthy.

It’s not just possible to swim in a swim spa but to enjoy a full range of benefits too, from improved fitness and technique to acquiring a new skill and a fun way to relax and burn off some energy. Find out more about all our self-cleaning swim spas can do here...

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