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Do I need to service my hot tub?

The short answer is: yes. If you want to ensure that your hot tub lasts and that you get to enjoy it for years to come then servicing a hot tub is an essential part of the process of owning one. In the same way as you expect to service a car every year in order to ensure that it’s still running optimally, you should also expect to apply the same process to your hot tub so that you’re getting the most from it and you are aware of any issues before they have the potential to escalate.

I spent a lot on the hot tub so I probably don’t need to service it do I?

It doesn’t matter how much the hot tub cost it still needs looking after. In fact it’s arguable that the more you spend on a hot tub the more essential the servicing will be. Getting your hot tub serviced will reassure you that it’s all functioning as it should but you’ll also be able to see if there are any issues with it right now or whether any are likely to arise in the near future. Handling problems quickly keeps costs down and ensures you don’t have to deal with unexpected failure.

What if I just look after my hot tub really well?

We’d recommend that you do this any way – a hot tub is a great investment and has a huge range of benefits, from being a social space to enjoy with your friends to bringing the advantages of hydrotherapy into your life. It’s important to clean it regularly, change the water and ensure that you’re using it as per the manufacturer’s advice. However, even if you’re doing all these things it’s still essential to book in an annual service. You won’t have the expertise to be able to spot the simplest issues – such as rubber seals that have been eroded by chlorine – but a professional will.

Ok so what does a hot tub service actually involve?

It’s a thorough inspection of the hot tub. The engineer will start by inspecting the outside of the hot tub and looking for any signs of issues, such as a build up of algae. After that the hot tub water is treated with strong chemicals so that any large limescale build-ups can be dissolved and any internal blockages broken down. When the hot tub has been flushed out and drained it is inspected internally and fully cleaned – this will identify any problems and also be the kind of deep clean that you wouldn’t be able to achieve without a professional. The side panels are taken off and an inspection of wiring and electrical components carried out, including maintenance of valves. Finally, the hot tub is refilled again so that it is ready for use.

A hot tub can be a big investment and that’s why it makes sense to book in an annual service to ensure that you can continue to enjoy it for many years.


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