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How can swimming benefit your fitness level?

Swimming is often underestimated when it comes to fitness. It’s one of those activities where you may not be able to see the sweat rolling down your face but there is a lot happening to support improved mobility and increased fitness in a supported environment. Whether you’re training with injuries or you’re just looking to expand your abilities, swimming has a lot of benefits when it comes to improving the level of your fitness.

It’s fun

If you’re of the “no pain no gain” school of thought then you may have dismissed swimming in fitness terms. However, this is still an incredibly effective form of exercise, one that can be even more productive because you enjoy it as you’re doing it. Swimming can be sociable too – you can chat as you train and get a good workout while catching up with a friend at the same time.

The ultimate full body workout

Swimming uses all the major muscles in the body, which means that you’re getting a fantastic workout every time you get into the water. You don’t have to commit to the harder strokes, like front crawl or butterfly, to see the benefits either. Regular breaststroke sessions can be just as effective at helping you to tone up, get fit and lose weight.

Go for the burn

If it’s burning calories that you’re keen to do when you’re exercising, swimming is a great choice. The volume of calories you’ll burn per session will vary depending on your height and weight but, on average, you can burn around 200 calories in just 30 minutes. That’s twice what you would burn by going for a walk, which makes swimming a very effective part of any diet and exercise plan.

A supported training environment

The buoyancy of the water means that swimming is accessible to just about anyone. Whether you have joint issues, or you’re recovering from injury, you’ll still be able to reap the benefits of a training session in the pool without doing any damage. As water supports up to 90% of the weight of the human body this is a great way to keep momentum going even if you’re suffering from injuries or you’re just feeling a bit tired.

A healthier mind and body

Swimming not only feels great but can also have a very positive impact when it comes to helping to protect the body against certain diseases. For example, regular sessions in the pool can help to avoid issues with heart disease and strokes, as well as Type 2 diabetes. It’s also a great way to help lower stress levels and to cope with the daily anxieties of life – regular swimming sessions can be an effective tool in handling anxiety and depression, for example, as well as improving related issues such as insomnia.

No matter what your current level of fitness, swimming regularly can help to improve it. Whether you’re suffering from an injury or struggling to commit to an exercise routine, swimming can help you get on track to improvement.

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