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How to revolutionise your garden with a hot tub

If your garden isn’t currently much to write home about, a hot tub could totally change that. A wonderful hot tub in the right location has a lot to add to your life, whether that’s creating somewhere you can relax and chill out or providing a space in which you can be more sociable. If you’re looking to revolutionise your garden with a hot tub then these are some of the steps that are going to be involved.

Where are you going to put the hot tub?

This is an important consideration because it will impact how much you’re able to enjoy your hot tub and your garden. For example, if you put the hot tub where it’s overlooked then you may not be able to fully relax – or if your view is your neighbour’s garage then it might not feel particularly blissful. So, think carefully about where to place the hot tub if you want to use it to revolutionise your garden. Key considerations here will be ensuring that you have a smooth, level surface on which to position the hot tub, that there is drainage and that the hot tub can be accessed for maintenance and repairs. If privacy is a key concern to you then this also needs to come into play here. Practicalities may also need to be considered, such as where the nearest power source is and how you’re going to fill the hot tub.

What are you going to put the hot tub on?

For many people, reinforced concrete slabs are the obvious choice but you may prefer something different for your garden. You have a number of different options here, including a pre-made platform or a gravel base. Decking that has been designed to support a hot tub is also another good option and can be particularly aesthetically pleasing if you’re keen to transform the way that your garden looks.

How will you have access to the hot tub?

There are two key elements to think about here. The first is access in terms of how you’re going to get the hot tub into the location where you want it to stay permanently. This should be simple and you’ll need to consider whether anything, such as fencing, needs to be temporarily removed to accommodate it. The second is how you will access the hot tub when you want to use it. For example, will walking across the garden in the cold ruin the experience for you or will the seclusion at the end of the garden be worth it?

How are you going to look after the hot tub?

If you want to use a hot tub to revolutionise your garden then it needs to be a source of pride in the months and years to come. This means ensuring that you know what is necessary in terms of maintenance and servicing and that the positioning of the hot tub makes it easy to do this, whether that is checking electrical components or draining the water.

If you want to make an impact with your hot tub then you need to have a clear plan in place.

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