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Looking after your swim spa during the winter

Swim spas are a great investment for your home as you’re able to use them throughout the whole year! This being said, there are a few maintenance tips that you should be aware of to ensure that your swim spa is performing with optimum efficiency.

Deep clean your swim spa

Deep cleaning your swim spa will guarantee that it runs smoothly throughout the winter months, eliminating the need to change the water during the coldest months of the year. A thorough deep clean will make sure that all pipework, filters, covers, and the swim spa shell are as clean as can be, allowing you to use your swim spa without having to worry about it throughout the winter.

Use a cover

When you’re not using your swim spa, it is advised that a quality insulating thermal cover be fitted. There are good alternatives to hard covers such as a Covana covering. When the weather becomes colder, tunnels and floating covers may not be able to keep your swim spa at the desired temperature so we’d highly recommend investing in a good, durable swim spa cover.

Maintain the right chemical balance

Maintaining the pH and sanitiser levels in your swim spa is another great way that you can help protect it during the colder months. Before you start looking at pH levels, make sure the water’s alkalinity is correctly balanced. A floating dispenser will gently release sanitising chemicals into the water to ensure the appropriate quantities of sanitiser.

Don’t allow for freezing

The best method to care for your swim spa throughout the winter is to use it frequently. If you want to drain your swim spa for the winter, you should hire a professional to do this for you. This procedure includes draining and completely removing all water from the spa, the pipes and the pumps. The engineer will also disconnect all pipes after draining. This will prevent any damage occurring to your swim spa due to freezing. Before refilling your swim spa in the spring, these pipes will need to be reconnected again by an engineer.

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