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Should I be using a sauna in the summer?

Many people believe that the Nordic countries are the experts when it comes to how to get health benefits from sauna use. These are also some of the coldest countries in winter, which has led to the common misconception that saunas aren’t used in the warmer months. However, what many people don’t realise is that in most Nordic countries people have a sauna in their summer house too. The benefits of using a sauna are there all year round so there’s no reason to lock yours up for the winter this year.

Why do we assume saunas are for winter only?

The basic function of the sauna is to increase the temperature of the human body. In the winter when we’re cold this can feel like a welcome change and many people assume that it’s only during the coldest months of the year that the benefits of regular sauna use can be felt. However, this is not the case. There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy the feeling of warmth even more if your body is cold but when it comes to the health benefits of using a sauna these are available all year round. If you want to keep enjoying them then you absolutely should continue to use your sauna in the summer.

The health benefits of using a sauna in the summer

If you want to make like the people of the most sauna loving countries in the world then integrating your sauna into your lifestyle in the summer is an obvious step. There are a number of health benefits to doing this including:

  • Helping the body to adjust to the change in temperature that summer brings. Regular sauna time can make it easier to acclimatise to warmer temperatures. That’s why many sports teams, for example, often commit to a sauna schedule before a big competition in a hot climate.
  • General health and weight loss. Studies have identified that regular sauna use can result in calories being burned and contribute to an overall increase in weight loss. You may also find that spending time in a sauna helps to improve the condition of skin, as sweating is one of the primary ways that the body removes toxins from the system and impurities from the surface of the skin. If you’re looking for that great summer glow this year then a sauna could be the first step to getting it.
  • Cardiovascular health and respiratory functions. Research has found that saunas have a lot to contribute to improving overall cardiovascular health and respiratory function if used on a regular basis.
  • Better stress management. Heat has a positive impact on stress levels and so a sauna can provide instant relief from a bad day. It may also be a quiet environment in which you can find a few minutes of peace away from devices and other family members, which may also be crucial to stress management.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to use your sauna all year round, including in the summer months.

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