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Enhance your workout with a swim spa

Working out in water is a great way to get all the benefits of exercise without the impact of gravity on the body. If you have access to a swim spa then there is plenty that you can do to use it to enhance your workout.

The benefits of exercising in water

There are many good reasons to consider using water in your exercise regime. The natural resistance of the water to movement means that the impact of every activity is optimised, for example. That same resistance also encourages a higher calorie burn – the body has to work harder in the water to complete the same exercises as on land so the rate of calorie burn is higher. Thanks to the way that water lessens the impact of gravity on the body it’s often possible to achieve a much wider range of movement when exercising in water. This also reduces the risk of injury by minimising the strain on joints and bones.

How to enhance your workout with a swim spa


This is the most obvious way to use your swim spa for exercise. Swimming uses the entire body and is a great low impact way to exercise. Adding resistance by swimming against a current can help to considerably enhance the impact of this type of workout.


For many people, jogging on land is the fastest way to get injured. However, in water this is a much more supported exercise but one that still achieves positive results - jog on the spot, lifting your knees as high as possible. Alternatively, you can switch on the jets and turn your back to them – studies have shown that walking or jogging backward tends to engage more muscles than regular jogging.

Other lower body exercise

There is a lot you can do in a swim spa to work the lower body, including kick backs – raising your leg behind you to the surface and squeezing the glutes as you do. Flutter kicks using the buoyancy jet can be very effective and the swim spa’s stairs provide an easy way to do step reps.

Core work

If it’s your core that you’re looking to work when you’re in the swim spa water planks are very effective – all you need is a pool noodle to act as a stabiliser. Water dumbbells can also come in useful, for example for doing core rotations, twisting to the right and left with the weights at shoulder height.

Enhancing an upper body workout

If you have a resistance band then a shoulder press is a very effective way to get more from a swim spa work out. Dumbbells can be used for chest presses and tricep pushes.

When you’re working out in a swim spa don’t forget that you’ll need to warm up, as for any other activity. You’ll also need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after your workout.

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