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How can regular sauna use benefit mature users?

Sauna therapy has been used by humans through the generations for thousands of years. From Finnish wood-fired saunas through to Native American sweat lodges, cultures from all over the world have seen the benefit of the sauna and used it to calm and detox mind and body. For more mature users, the sauna is particularly beneficial.

Better skin, anti-aging impact through sauna use

Deep sweating is incredibly good for the skin. It helps to improve skin cell turnover and also cleanses the skin of bacteria and toxins that can causes blemishes and irritation. Near infrared saunas are also a great tool when it comes to anti-aging. The red light helps to stimulate collagen and elastin, two of the key components of the human body that are required to maintain smoothness and plumpness of skin and which can help to reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

Saunas can aid simple weight loss

Stepping into a sauna could help considerably with a weight loss plan. Far infrared radiant heat has been found to help burn 600 calories in a 30 minute session and studies have shown that it can significantly improve weight loss. This is the result of the impact of a sauna on the human body, which is remarkably similar to the effects of cardio exercise. Blood pressure drops, heart rate increases and, as a result, oxygenation and metabolic rate rise.

Improving heart health with your sauna

The reduction in blood pressure and increase in oxygenation that result from spending time in a sauna are both key components in positive heart health. While saunas can be just as effective as exercise when it comes to improving cardiac output they don’t have the same risk – saunas are much less likely to cause problems for those with underlying heart conditions so can be a good alternative to exercise.

Soothing and calming effects of saunas

Near infrared saunas have been found to have a positive impact on inflammation, which can help to reduce the impact of irritated conditions such as eczema. They can also help to reduce pain, whether it’s caused by a chronic condition such as arthritis or something like a tension headache. There have also been some studies that have shown saunas can even contribute to the treatment of, and recovery from, cancer. High temperatures can kill cancer cells without doing any damage to the human body and one study even found that this kind of heat therapy inhibited the growth of solid tumor cells.

Can saunas improve your general wellbeing?

As we grow older we can experience all kinds of feelings and moods that we may not previously have suffered from, including depression and anxiety. These can be crippling in daily life, especially if the cause is not obvious. Regular sessions in a sauna have been found to alleviate symptoms associated with depression. Plus, sauna use can also help to keep mind and brain healthy – one study found that 15 minutes a day in a sauna resulted in a 66% lower risk of developing dementia.

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