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Is a pool or a swim spa the best fit for you?

Looking for a hot tub or swim spa for your home is exciting, but it can also be daunting to choose which type is the most suitable for you. There are also differences between pools and swim spas that you might not be aware of. Here are some facts to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Get to know your options

It's important to get to know the product you’re buying and whether it will cater to your needs and meet your expectations. Swimming pools are ideal for people looking to exercise frequently in a low-stress environment, whilst the water supports the body to aid exercise and make it less of a physical strain. Swim spas offer more than just a standard option to swim. They are available with adjustable jets which allow you to change the speed at which you swim against a current, with variable current settings. This makes swim spas more space efficient than a standard pool, since you swim in a stationary position.

Who will be using your swim spa or pool?

The swim spa that you choose can be tailored for its users. Is this going to be used as a family, as a personal tool for keeping fit, or as someone training at an athletic level? Swim spas are versatile for families as they are a safe and controlled environment to teach children to swim. They are also ideal for individual, adult use as swimming is a fantastic activity to keep fit with minimal impact on your body.

What are you planning to use it for?

Your individual requirements will affect the final choice that you make - and it's important to choose something that will allow you to use it as desired. Swim spas are even available combined with hot tubs for a perfect complementary combination of exercise and relaxation. So you can swim to keep fit and healthy, before rewarding yourself by swapping into your hot tub, to aid muscle recovery and relaxation. If you're looking more for a traditional pool, these can be built to specification too!

Design is also important

The design you want will depend on your outside or indoor space. How much space do you have? What shape would you like your pool to be? Do you want it to blend in with the aesthetics of its environment? Of course, aesthetics are important and so are practicalities, and you will need to think about whether you prefer tiled, stainless steel, synthetic, or whether you would like a custom solution.

Make an informed decision

There are so many swim spas and hot tubs to choose from. Whether you opt for our Hydropool Serenity or Hydropool Self Cleaning range of spas we guarantee that our products will be one of the best investments you ever make! If you have specific requirements, then we can even offer bespoke solutions - take a look at some of our recent Bespoke Swim Spa projects.

Give our expert team a call today on 0208 300 4003 to talk through our different products and find which would be the best fit for you.

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