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The Difference Between a Sauna and a Steam Room

It is not uncommon for some people to think that a sauna and a steam room are one and the same. They are actually quite different, and both have their own benefits and features. With a sauna you are being exposed to dry heat, and with a steam room you are getting to enjoy moist heat. When it comes to heat intensity, it is far greater in a sauna. These can go up to 212°F, whereas steam rooms are maintained at around 100°F to 114°F.

While often it comes down to preference for moist or dry heat, it can also depend on the individual's reaction to these types of heat. Both have the ability to stimulate blow flow and enhance the metabolism. Some individuals find it uncomfortable to breathe when exposed to dry heat. Others find that the moist heat offers them better relief with joint and muscular pain.

Some saunas feature both wet and dry capabilities. The structure of the sauna is usually comprised of wood. There are many different types of wood selections that can be chosen. Saunas that are being provided by reputable suppliers will all be comprised of top-quality wood components that lend themselves well to the sauna environment.

The sauna is often used by people who want to address a variety of health issues that are known to respond well to heat. The most common ones are muscle stimulation and the reduction of stress hormones. It has been shown that saunas may be beneficial for lowering blood pressure and stimulating overall heart health.

For those who aren't keen on moist heat, the sauna is usually the best choice. When using the sauna it is common for individuals to wrap themselves in a towel to provide extra seating comfort. There are two main types of saunas. There are conventional saunas where the air is heated, and there are infrared saunas that use objects to create warmth, like charcoal or active carbon fibers. Since saunas produce dry heat, one of the additional benefits is that there is no risk of moisture escaping the unit and adversely affecting its exterior surroundings.

Both the sauna and the steam room have many benefits, and it is important to discuss your wants and needs with a reputable dealer so you can make an informed decision and get the best unit for you.

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