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What are the health benefits of regular swim spa use?

A swim spa at home is certainly a luxury, however, that’s not the only reason to consider investing in one. If you’re looking to live a better lifestyle this year, or to improve your personal wellbeing, then a swim spa could be a great tool. Thanks to the opportunities a swim spa offers for getting fit and the positive effective of the water on joints and muscles there are lots of health benefits that are associated with regular swim spa use.

Low impact exercising

Swimming is great exercise and can help to improve fitness levels, as well as the condition of your body. It’s also a low impact type of exercise, which means that you can get all the benefits of working out and avoid the strain that other high impact exercise types can cause. For example, running on tarmac can have a very negative impact on knee joints but that just doesn’t happen in water. With a swim spa you can enjoy a tough workout without compromising your body to do it.

Improving muscle strength

Working out in a swim spa provides the opportunity for flexible exercise at your own pace. Set the resistance you want to swim against at a level that works for you to enjoy the workout that you need. The resistance in the water provides an easy way to increase muscle strength and become a stronger swimmer, as well as improving overall fitness levels.

Maintaining a regular workout routine

One of the main reasons that many of us fail when it comes to a healthier lifestyle is motivation. With your own swim spa you have the option of exercise just steps away, which makes it much easier to stick to a workout schedule. Small amounts of exercise every day help to build up fitness in a manageable way and ensure that you can sustain it. So, you have a much better chance of getting healthier and sticking to a fitness plan than if you have to travel to a gym to do a big, hard workout several times a week.

Pain relief

The heat from the water in a swim spa causes blood vessels to dilate, enabling better blood flow and increased circulation. The effect of this is to reduce pain in the muscles and joints, which allows for more enjoyable exercise, as well as therapeutic treatment of conditions such as back pain. A swim spa can be particularly useful for those with arthritis, as it makes it easier to exercise and also helps to reduce the pain that the condition causes.

Relaxation and winding down

It’s not just exercise that has an impact on your health but how well you relax too. The warmth of the water and the skilful therapy of expertly crafted jets make the swim spa the perfect place to start learning to relax more often and in a much deeper way.

If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a swim spa in your own home contact The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company today to find the ideal model for you, or take a look at some of our testimonials to see what our customers think of theirs!

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